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Astronomers use a wide patch of sky radiotelescope has detected a number of unusual events, which lasts for only a handful of milliseconds. Events do not happen again, and do not carry something clear in the optical wavelength of x-rays. properties are examined thoroughly, but the suspicions that exist in the Galaxy distances, they are evaluated product cataclysmic events. Four events of their uniform patch in the sky in the study, it was found that astronomers suggest that it may not appear in the country every day-on the condition that we know where to look.

There's really not much to say about this soon on the radio bursts (FRBs) are the same. The four identified that vary greatly in intensity; they all took me less than 5 milliseconds. If the facts were related to bursts of high energy wavelengths, we have the materials from the site, which is identified. Although the research could provide a cautious position, there was nothing out of the ordinary optical wavelengths radiotelescope, refers.

If our Galaxy came from inside the radio breaks, the different situations that could produce the energy signals. So the authors tried to figure out where it comes from. To this end, they rely on the fact that radio waves that interact with interstellar ionized gas in a way that makes their range. More gas, interact, the greater the effect. FRBs, it looks like they went through a lot of gas. But their locations that travel through a large part of the Galaxy with gas, which means that they can also affect the combination of Galaxy and the interstellar medium.

If it is off, you need to be very energetic. "Cosmological distances, indicates that it is lighter than the breaks, known as a transient ischemic attack radioyches of sources," said prior to the conclusion of the contract which shows the factors "that are probably the regulatory procedure FRBs.", but it may not be a rare disaster; The amount is based on controlled by the sky and noticed that the frequency of the FRBs, the authors estimated that up to 100 may not appear all over the sky.

So what is a disaster? It is difficult to explain. We have seen, the typical radio bursts of repetitive (such as Pulsari) or accompanied by other wavelengths has the appropriate signs. It does not exist. One way is the merging neutron star, astronomers had considered, but the merger is expected to be closed very rarely and produces so much energy. The same problem is the second explanation, which is that it could be a black hole evaporation — but just can't produce enough energy. Supernova is a tour around the neutron star, but is not usual.

So now, there is a bit of a mystery. This means that astronomers will probably start to develop the means to get a better understanding of the locations of these events and the continuity and try to see exactly where you are coming from other material and do something interesting is happening in the region. But when the chance to add to the reviews took decades to PIN the likeliest source of the gamma ray bursts so that it does not make sense to rely on a rapid solution to the riddle.

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